Some Girl

Hello! This is my site. I'm completely new to HTML & CSS, so I'm just playing around for now. I would love to turn this into a personal diary. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts on the vast online, and someone maybe reading them. I also have a feeling it might get me to stop procastinaitng s o m u c h. If I know someone might be reading my entries, it make me more likely to be acountable. I am actually procrastinaitng right now by making this. :p

But I really, REALLY need to start working for uni. It's gotten really bad. I don't know what happened, because I used to be a very hardworking student, but this year I developed such a profound apathy it's insane. It's my last year too, and it matters, but after two years of giving my all, I just don't care anymore? I just found other things I feel more drawn to than my degree right now.

Anyways, enough of all that. I am hoping to turn this into a fun page to express my creativity and to keep track of my interests. I would also love to write about the shows I'm watching and games I'm playing and books and anything that interests me.